Welcome to my first post! Unfortunately, I am a little crabby today (i know, what’s new, right?). Lately, my bg’s have been all over the place, but mostly too high. Since I am still new to this whole diabetes thing, I understand this is quite normal, but I am seriously ready to get off this rollercoaster!

I saw my endo¬†yesterday, and she made a few adjustments to my insulin doseage. She also wants me to have either carb-free snacks or nothing at all! I get that there is a method to her madness, but I am about to stab someone if I don’t get a cookie soon!

Even worse? I have had the hiccups three times already, and mine are LOUD! I really need my own office.

Oh, and did I mention, that my top button on my dress keeps coming undone. I am one sneeze away from a major wardrobe malfunction!

Can I go home now?


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